Lifeguard Employment

There are three primary steps to become an LGU guard - 


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Fill Out an Application Take A Class Set Up an Interview


 (Already completed these steps? Click here to prepare for summer!) 




Fill Out an Application

If you are new to Lifeguards Unlimited, please fill out our online application (click HERE) or print a paper copy from our Online Documents section and mail it in.

If you have previously worked for LGU please fill out our Returning Staff form online (click HERE) or print a paper copy from out Online Documents section and mail it in.

Once completed, including signature, you may send it to our office at: 4709 LaGuardia Dr. Suite 180, St. Louis, MO 63134 or e-mail to




Take a Class

Lifeguards Unlimited offers multiple opportunities to be trained throughout the winter, spring and early summer. We offer a two-year American Red Cross Waterpark Lifeguarding certificate. This is the same as a regular lifeguarding license however you will be trained in lifesaving techniques for pools with slides, lazy rivers, etc. It adds a few more hours of training but allows you to work at any of our pools and is at no extra cost to you. The total cost of the class $360; although for our employees there is a discounted rate of $180.

You may sign up for any class you want, however please note:

You are not officially registered until we RECEIVE the payment for the class. If it is mailed you will not be registered until it reaches our office. Also, we must have six people registered to run a class. You will be notified if your class is cancelled.

  1. If you are already certified but need to recertify, take a Review.
  2. If you are already certified but through another agency, take a Skills Test to work for LGU.

You may sign up for classes HERE at anytime. Please be sure to read and acknowledge the cancellation policy before registering.


Wondering what class to sign up for? Choose from one of the following:





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You need to take a Full Water Park Lifeguarding Class:

This is a four-day course, which will certify you as an American Red Cross Waterpark Lifeguard. It is required for anyone who has not been trained, or has been trained using a different lifeguarding program. You may attend any of our offered classes however you must attend all four days of the same session. No mixing and matching is allowed.

On the first day of this class you will be required to complete a prerequisite skills test. This consists of:

1. A 300 yard swim (This must be completed using free style and breast stroke, however there is no time limit.)

2. A brick retrieval (You have 1 minute and 40 seconds to retrieve a 10 lb. brick from the bottom of the pool.)

3. A timed tread (You are required to tread from 2 minutes without using your hands.)

If you would like to watch a video about the prerequisites click HERE

To look at our class listings click HERE.






You need to take a Lifeguarding Review:

This is a shortened two-day class, which will renew your lifeguarding certification for an additional two years. We also recommend taking a review if your certification expires in the fall of this year. Remeber, if you let your license lapse you must take a full class again so keep an eye on your expiration date!

This class is offered at $90 for LGU Employees and $160 for non-LGU Employees

To look at our course listings click HERE.





You need to take an LGU Skills Test:

A skills test is a half-day refresher course for trained lifeguards who do NOT need to renew their certification. The LGU Skills Test is designed to prepare you for the summer season and is required for returning guards who aren't taking a Review or for Red Cross lifeguards who were not trained by LGU.

This course costs $29, however the fee will be reimbursed to LGU employees on their first paycheck following this successful completion of the skills test.

To look at our course listings click HERE.




You need to take an LGI Class:

This course will certify you as an American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor. It is comprised of some online class time as well as three classroom days. To qualify you must be 17 years or older, possess a current lifeguarding license, and successfully complete an online pre-course session. 

To look at our course listings click HERE.

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Set up an Interview

This is only for employees interested in a position as a head guard, assistant manager, manager, or area supervisor. If you are applying to be a lifeguard you may skip this step.

In December we begin interviewing for leadership positions at LGU. Starting December 1st, you can call the office to setup an interview. Even if you were in a leadership position in the past you must sign up for an interview. To see the interview schedule please click HERE.

To view Job Descriptions click here.

Please also note - This is a management level job interview. We expect you to be punctual, prepared, and dressed professionally.  

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I've Been Hired...What Next? 

Now that you have completed the first big steps, there are just a few more things you need to do in preparation for the summer.


Create an Employee Log-In

Even if you have been working for Lifeguards Unlimited for several years you must re-sign up for online access. Click HERE and fill out the online form. Once approved by the administrator you will have special access on our website to check schedules, see photos, fill out forms, etc.

Please also join our group on facebook: Lifeguards Unlimited.


Mandatory staff orientation

In May we have three options available for mandatory staff orientations. You need to sign up to attend ONE orientation. At this orientation you will learn more about our company, how to test chemicals, we will walk to you through the Employee Handbook & LGU policies, and you will have the opportunity to finish any missing paperwork as well as buy your staff shirt and whistle. The schedule for orientations is posted HERE.


How to buy a suit

Presentation is an important part of being a lifeguard. We require all of our guards to purchase a Lifeguards Unlimited swimsuit. This can be bought online via The Lifeguard Store. You can find detailed instructions on how to purchase your suit after you create an Employee Login. Once you are approved for an account, log in, then click on Lifeguarding Info, then Buying An LGU Swimsuit.


Make Some Extra Cash

For every friend you refer to Lifeguards Unlimited you will be paid $10 IF both you and your friend work for Lifeguards Unlimited until July 31st. Got five friends? Send them our way and you not only get to work together all summer, but you also get $10! They must fill out and turn in the short form found HERE with their application!

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